An Appeal to Heaven coffee-pods
An Appeal to Heaven coffee-pods

An Appeal to Heaven Pod Packs

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An Appeal to Heaven Our most popular single origin, organic Nicaraguan Medium roast that boasts beautiful chocolate, floral and citrus notes that are bright and bold.
This coffee originated from the lush soils of Nicaragua and is sure to become your favorite go to morning coffee. We hope you enjoy this roast as much as we enjoy roasting it for you. Available in Whole bean, Drip and single serve Keurig compatible pods.
When the government fails to act, it’s time to appeal to a higher power, and Appeal to Heaven is the right coffee for the task. An homage to the glorious days when our country acted undivided, as one mighty force, from D-Day to Pearl Harbor, our medium roast is full-bodied and rich.
Enjoy dark chocolate flavors with floral notes and citrus undertones over a robust, lengthy palate extending long into a persistent finish.

More Than
Just Coffee

When you're enjoying Minutemen Coffee, you're helping first responders and the US military.

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